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Getting started

Welcome to Tofu AI, an operations platform to help you and your team use AI to solve real world problems.

This section of Tofu's documentation focuses on the core concepts and features that every user should be familiarized with in order to use the platform.


Please make sure to have your account ready and login to If you are unsure about your login credentials, please reach out to

Introduction to the platform

As you get started with Tofu AI, it's helpful to think about data in the platform living in two places: the data layer and the object layer.

Data Layer

Object Layer

Orientation and navigation

You can think of Tofu AI as an operating system for the data and AI models in your application or organization. This page provides information about how to navigate and find the tools and resources required to work effectively in this operating system.

The sidebar servers as your main navigation tool throughout the platform and will always be visible.

The sidebar has 5 major sections to help you navigate to different features and tools of Tofu.


1) Home / Search / Projects

Access the welcome page, find and explore projects and files

2) Apps

Switch between applications that interact with your data and AI's

3) Live Apps

Custom apps built for your application or organization running live on the internet.

4) Logout / Account

Manage your account and securely log out of the platform


Every Tofu instance has a custom landing page. In some applications, you'll see a completely customized page with highlights. In others, the landing page uses standard components to provide access to common or frequently used parts of the platform or useful statistics about your application.

Here you will also find useful interactions and settings for your application and templates to startup new applications.

Projects and ressources

Working with Tofu often involves creating resources. These include datasets—the outputs of a data connection or an AI model, or manually uploaded data—and the artifacts from various Tofu applications. In essence your projects includes all ressources that are based on data concerning this project or application.

A resource is analogous to a file in a traditional system but generally call them resources to avoid confusion.

Project overview

When opening a project we enter the ressource view, which acts like a filemanager. Ressources show as the icon to which application they belong to. A code file will open in a code editor, while a dataset (see Datasets) opens in the Data Lineage tool and so on.

Ressource overview

Next steps

We'll continue with applications, if you want to use Tofu AI as an API to your application jump directly to integrating with Tofu AI.